Amazing tricks and effects

Depending on which HSA Workshop or class you took, some of these items were used in your training. All of them have a hypnotic theme to them and ALL of them are worthy of your consideration and can be shipped directly to you from Richard Barker and the Hypnotist Stage Academy

Mental Die

Currently on back order- available soon

Mental Die You hand out a single die (choice of white die with black dots or black die with white dots). Even though your back is turned, you know with 100% confidence which number has been chosen on the die. This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today's modern technology and materials. However, the possibilities are endless. Way beyond the typical "I know your number" routines. And we included some creative routines to get you started.



The die is standard "Gaming" size. Measuring only 0.625 Inches / 1.58 Centimeters!

This is a 100% standard looking dice raising no suspicion when used.

Just like a regular die, it can be rolled on a table top or in a cup without worries of chipping.


No need to purchase new dice when you run out of a charge! The die is equipped with the latest in wireless charging technology.

Charging platform and USB cord is included for on-the-go performers.


An adjustable, High-Quality arm/leg band.


That's right! This new receiver can be used with a single die (included) AND it also contains a newly coded vibration system!

This receiver contains all the latest remote technology.

Tactile Notification

Adjustable Vibration levels (Soft / Medium / Hard) to adapt to any environment

On/Off light and Charging notification light


A super durable, removable receiver clip housing. This housing allows you to clip the receiver to pants, arm/leg band (included), socks and more.


The in-depth tutorials include everything you need to know about your Mental Die. Also included are some brand new effects to get you started right away!



Each time the receiver is activated the receiver will alert you if the die needs charging


The die performs with incredible accuracy. No need to wonder about misfires.


Receiver "talks" to the dice. When you are ready to shut down your set, simply hold down the ON/OFF switch and dice will shut down!


You have the ability to put the receiver in "sleep" mode during a performance to conserve battery life. The "wake-up" is instantaneous.


You can comfortably use your dice up to 40+ feet from receiver.


Unbelievably long lasting batteries. You will rarely have to charge your dice or receiver.


Everything has been produced of high-grade materials for lifelong use.


Currently Unavailable

To the Point is the famous tossed out deck in book form - but unlike the tossed out deck, it can also be done close-up, one-on-one.

To the Point is:

Easy to learn

It's fast

It's simple to perform

It feels normal

It allows for unlimited hits

It can fit in your pocket

It can be performed on any number of people - including 1 on 1

... and most importantly, it cannot go wrong.

What made us create this?

We love the tossed-out deck, but for mentalism, it falls down in 2 major areas:


The original tossed-out deck can only be performed on a group of people. But we've designed 'To the Point' to allow you to perform 1 on 1 - as well as on any number of random people from your audience. With no pre-show.

This makes 'to the point' more versatile. You can perform it casually at home, 1 on 1 or use it in your next parlor or stage event.

And #2.

Playing cards wrapped in a rubber band just feels like a prop.

BUT mentalism thrives on normal objects. Phones. Notepads. Coins - and especially books.

Even if you use a normal deck, some of your audience will still associate playing cards with magic - which takes away from your presentation.

But a book is normal - and is believed to have no special ability whatsoever.

Throwing a book into your audience, especially one they think they've seen in the real world, or can find on Amazon - is natural. It avoids suspicion.

That means your demonstrations are heightened - and feel more real.

A less suspicious prop...

'To the Point' is designed to replicate the famous POINT IT books. These books are used all over the world as a picture dictionary for travelers. They don't have to learn the language - they just point at the image to ask for help.

Google 'point book' and the real thing will come up. So even if your audience goes home and tries to backtrack the effect. They won't find anything.

We also include a completely ungimmicked book that you can bring into play and hand out for examination.

If you're a professional mentalist, you'll find that 'To the Point' fits perfectly into your existing repertoire - without any presentation tweaks.

If you're a beginner or want to dip your toe into mentalism, To the Point is a great place to start.

It can't fail - and because of the way it's gimmicked, your audience will have a seemingly fair choice - from any page in the entire book - and you'll nail it every single time.


PRO LIGHT 3.0 is The MOST powerful Light at the fingertips you've ever seen!

Imagine a white d'lite that would light up 100 times more! This product exists, it is called: PRO LIGHT!

Manufactured by the famous Marc Antoine, this high tech product will seduce you and amaze everyone.

This light can be seen perfectly in daylight!

Moreover, the device is rechargeable on any USB port.


Professional quality material

The contact to recharge is done magnetically

A red/blue diode system indicates when the equipment has finished charging

Only one charger delivered for two Thumb Tip

You can perform in daylight

Undetectable system integrated to a quality Thumb Tip

High-tech manufacturing with best components

Gold PCB tracks and contactors for maximum reliability

A Marc Antoine creation

Benefits of version 3:

Led power increased by 20% compared to V2 (knowing that the V2 was already the most powerful on the market)

Reinforced printed circuit with anti-transpiration protection

2-point switch for absolute and smooth control

42% more autonomy (a single charge for about 70 performances)


SHATTER GLASS - Have someone shatter glass with their minds hypnotically, or as the performer, show your strength and shatter the glass- amazing effect. you get six glasses in one order.

I have tried many that fail!

Easy to learn

It's fast

It's simple to perform

Unlike some other glass objects

These particular glasses ALWAYS WORK

It can fit in your pocket