We are asked regularly what is the best ways to learn Comedy Stage Hypnosis.

What follows are some options, that when combined, create an exceptional opportunity to master the art of Comedy Hypnosis.

The Hypnotist Stage Academy is a trusted source for learning and is very effective. We have helped launch hundreds of successful careers through our programs over the years.

What follows is a list of resources you can use to take you from beginner to master level. If you are already a Comedy Hypnotist, this path way will improve your skills. The list is in no specific order and when combining options will give you amazing results.

1. Online Course

We offer an amazing online class that contains over 150 lessons. Access the lessons on video from the comfort of your home 24/7. Our in-depth streaming platform makes it easy to learn Comedy Stage Hypnosis. You can view any module at any time depending on where you want to start. Included is street hypnosis, marketing and mentalism. Over 10 years worth of content that covers everything you need to know, from the basics to advanced material. One of our most popular options available.

Certification on completion

2. Live Class

Whilst learning online is effective, there is no comparison to a live training experience that takes place in a live show arena. There are too many stage hypnosis classes being taught in classrooms by people without any real world "shows" under their belts. Learn only from thouse out there performing consistently shows in multi venues across the world. If your trainer is always at conventions teaching, the focus of their career is probably not conducive to digging into comedy hypnosis. Learn on stages in real world places but a master of hypnosis- Richard Barker

Certification on completion

3. HSA Elite

For the best ongoing support and community, place to grow and learn, there is noting better out there than the HSA Elite. A free Elite class area is included as well as a private members discussion area, announcements and questions area. Its the ultimate place to grow your Stage Hypnosis Career for a fraction of the cost of a coach or mentor

Certification on joining


Our Chat GPT has digested all of our training abd books to form an exceptionally strong resource. Get information at your fingertips specific to learning stage hypnosis. This method is fast and efficient and an effective resource to use for Chat GPT plus members

5. Mentorship

One of our top level options where you get a full 6 months membership program with Richard Barker. Weekly calls and opportunity to fast track your career whilst spending time shadowing and learning from Richard. This access is only available for 2 people twice a year

6. Hypnotic Marketing Mentor

Focus in on getting your marketing in place. Without a marketing strategy all businesses eventually fail. The biggest issue Stage Hypnotist's face is the lack of show bookings and traction. Richard will mentor you specifically to marketing success. Learn how to get your show out there to the booking agents so that you can fulfill your dream career. Marketing is your lifeblood to brand success. Most people fail by following the wrong marketing guru. Learn from those that are marketing geniuses specifically in the Stage Hypnosis niche.

7. Seminar Success Blueprint

Seminar Success Blueprint: Present Your Way To An Unstoppable Income

Master the Art of Seminar Production & Presentation to Unlock Limitless Financial Growth. Gain exclusive insights and practical strategies with "The Seminar Success Blueprint: Present Your Way to an Unstoppable Income" Step-by-step guidance for crafting impactful seminars that captivate and convert. Learn how to promote your events effectively and fill your venues with eager participants.

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Learn Comedy Hypnosis without the headache of the wrong out of date information.

  • The HSA is cutting edge

  • We only teach the very latest strategies?​​

  • We teach Stage Hypnosis as well as Clinical, Street and Mentalism.

  • Learn from someone who walks the talk

  • Budget friendly options

  • Limited availability so we don't flood the market. Puppy mill training approaches don't work. We carefully select o0ur students.

  • Current material that works for this year and next​​

  • Join the elite and receive certification.

  • Back of Room Merchandise Sales​​

  • How to Market and Sell Your Show

  • Promoting Through Social Media

  • Contracts and Technical Riders​

  • Presentations and Lecture Demos​​

The modern stage hypnotist must be able to take people deeper into hypnosis than in a clinical setting and do it in a fraction of the time it would normally take, all while being observed by hundreds of people. You must determine rapidly who will be the best volunteers and observe carefully the hypnotic state of those onstage and discern their depth at all times throughout the show.

You must have the ability to create and word hypnotic suggestions to which participants will respond and possess techniques available to work with a full spectrum of personalities. You must also be aware of the ethics involved in hypnosis and have the ability to recognize the dangers that can be incurred both by the participant and the hypnotist