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The Hypnotist Stage Academy Elite members group is an exclusive community designed for the crème de la crème of the stage hypnosis world. This prestigious group is tailored for individuals who want to improve and develop upon their exceptional skills through coaching, discussion and learning opportunities.

Its time to gain remarkable accomplishments in the field of Comedy Hypnotism. Being part of this elite ensemble means you will be recognized as part of a highly skilled echelon, embodying the pinnacle of expertise, proficiency, and dedication in the art of Stage Hypnosis.

Members of this elite group will enjoy and share a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our hypnotic stages, setting new standards in the industry.

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Exclusive Elite Members Video Vault

Get access to a elite members community private video vault. The videos are not for sale or available to non elite members. The videos are invaluable and based upon community demand. See a sample of a video above. Worth $297


Free Elite Members Coaching Call

Get access to Richard Barker on a fre 45 minute coaching call to discuss your hypnosis business. This call will be set up with you on request after your first 30 days of membership to the HSA Elite Community Worth $300


Discounted Hypnotist Stage Academy Class

An incredible offer considering the Elite Community is only $10 per month. Take $100 off any "live" in person Stage Hypnosis Class. Request the coupon code after 30 days of membership Worth $100

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Social Life Sentence: When you're in Facebook Jail, it's like your social life has been sentenced to solitary confinement. Suddenly, you're just staring at the login screen, dreaming of better days.

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In the grand theater of life, being in Facebook Jail or caught in an outage is like being the main character who suddenly finds themselves written out of a few episodes.


Why Private Community Groups Are Better Than Facebook

Here are reasons why private communities are preferable to using a platform like Facebook.

Customized Experience: Unlike Facebook, which is designed for a broad audience with varied interests, a dedicated Hypnotist Stage Academy Elite Community is specifically built to cater to the needs and interests of you, the stage hypnotist. This specialized focus ensures that every feature, discussion, and resource is relevant and beneficial to members, enhancing your learning and professional growth.

Controlled Environment: On platforms like Facebook, you're subject to their algorithms, advertisements, and ever-changing policies, which can detract from the user experience. A private community provides a controlled environment free from these distractions, allowing you to focus solely on your development and interactions within the elite hypnotist community.

Higher Quality of Members: Our HSA Elite private community contains a vetting process, ensuring that our members are serious professionals or enthusiasts about growing their stage or street hypnosis business. This contrasts with our Facebook groups, which can often include a mix of individuals, some of whom may not be genuinely invested in the craft or could even be disruptive.

Data Privacy and Security: Privacy concerns are paramount on platforms like Facebook, where your data might be used for advertising or other purposes. Our dedicated community respects member privacy, we have robust security measures in place, and use data solely to enhance the community experience.

No Algorithmic Interferences: Facebook's algorithms can sometimes bury important posts, making it easy to miss valuable content or updates. Our elite community platform ensures that all shared content is accessible to all members, prioritizing communication and learning over engagement metrics.

No Hackers Or Spammers: Facebook's full of hackers and spammers, and it is getting worse. Professionals all have private members groups aay and off facebook, this is your chance to do the same to for only $10

Choosing a our specialized private elite community over the Facebook group means opting for an environment that's crafted for your specific needs, challenges, and aspirations. I am offering a more relevant, secure, and enriching experience.

Information for our elite members will not be shared with non HSA Elite members.


Members of our elite community are more committed and engaged than in a public Facebook Group. Our exclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and seriousness, encouraging members to contribute more thoughtfully and meaningfully, which enhances the overall quality of interactions and learning experiences.